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About Paul


My name is Paul Gonzales, a graduate of Animal Behavior College, where I learned different skills to help dogs (your loving pets) to be obedient. As an approved and certified Dog Trainer, Paul is trained in canine behavior, learning theory and problem solving. He uses different approaches and has developed different programs which are divided into stages. The programs allow your pets to undergo each learning process assuring the pet owner of an obedient pet.


Thanks to his certification and dog training skills, Paul Gonzales has developed different programs which are designed to elicit specific results. The programs developed are not a one-size-fits-all; customers with different breeds can receive a specific training program when a request is made.


Paul is a graduate of Animal Behavior College where he was able to earn a Certified Dog Trainer certification allowing him to practice different dog training skills. The ABC (Animal Behavior College) has been approved by the Bureau of Private Post secondary and Vocational Education. It’s an internationally recognized school that has been known to impart high quality skills especially when it comes to dog training.

During training, Paul has learned more about canine obedience training as well as understanding dogs better and their motives. Dogs as pets and man’s best friend are part and parcel of the family and it is vital to ensure that they are trained. This assures the family of no misbehavior when in public or when around guests at home.

He has also been able to learn about the basic principles of evolution and natural selection as they help in understanding dog behavior. This is in line with the application of animal behavior during human-dog interaction as well as different methods which integrate theory and real world practice especially when it comes to treating and improving dog’s behavior. The education Paul Gonzales has received assures you that your pet dog will be trained well, treated humanely and all this is done by keeping the spark burning in the dog’s life which is special to you.