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We understand the special bond you have with your pet and it can be quite difficult to entrust your pet with strangers. Dogs R Us offers private lessons at the comfort of your home or any other setting. The best thing about a private lesson is that you will be present when the dog is being trained allowing you to participate and assume control. Furthermore, your pet will be calm when in your presence and it will help in control.


At Dogs R Us, we understand that your dog needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways is through dog walking. Spending a few minutes to hours outdoors walking from one point to another ensures that your pet receives the much needed exercises. This is what Paul and Dogs R Us will do for you.


It is important to have control of your dog. Thanks to our basic training, you can finally control your dog and prevent embarrassing situations when indoors or when in public.


These skills are very important and thanks to our experience, your dog will be under your complete control. While basic dog training helps to teach your dog tricks like sitting and shaking a paw, advanced skills help to impart commands like stand, touch, place and asking for permission to go out.


How do you manage your dog when off the leash? We know this can be quite difficult and we are here to help you. Off leash training allows you to use different commands to direct your pet where to go and what to do. You can thank us later when you find out how easy it is to command your pet when off the leash.


Dogs have a high smell capability and they know when a stranger is approaching the home even before they are in your sight. As a home owner, you need your mail, newspapers and other items delivered. To prevent your pet dog from chasing them away and even injuring innocent strangers, the aggression management training will be a great help to you.

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